5 Steps To A Marketing Calendar

1. Take a marker and draw a line from one side of a wall to the next (you can put some paper up there first, if you want)

2. Divide into 52 weeks. If you don't want to measure, divide in half, then divide each half into halves, and keep doing this 3 more times (5 total). You'll have 64 divisions, which is a year and almost a quarter of weeks. Make a heavy mark at the end of each month.

3. Above the line, mark down your budget for each month.

4. Mark the holidays and any special events. For example, if you want to have a booth at a show, you usually have to have your reservation in by a certain date.

5. Plan some marketing activity for each week, and write it in. You don't have to have a year's worth of new ideas, you can repeat - for instance every 4 weeks is your newsletter.

Now all you need to do each week is mark off last week and see what you need to do for your marketing this week. I like using the wall because it is visible - no way to miss it!