Figuring out how much to charge

If you are reselling a product, typically you charge keystone, or twice what you paid for the item. If you are not just reselling something you bought, there are two main ways to come up with your price.

You can spy on everyone else to see what they charge. I recommend you charge higher than average. People equate price with quality.

Another way to figure pricing is to do some math

Pricing Calculator
Your 'take-home' income goal for the year:
How many hours per week are you going to devote? (Use 40 for full time)
When making your product or providing your service, what is your material cost per hour?:
The answer is:
Your labor rate per hour: Year's goal / hours per week * 50 weeks (2 weeks vacation)
Plus materials:
Base Simply labor plus materials
OverheadAfter a year you'll have receipts. In the beginning, you have to estimate, and half of the base is a good rule of thumb. Overhead covers taxes, marketing, utilities, and all other expenses not directly in the product/service.
Minimum To Charge Base+Overhead. This is also known as your break-even price.
Profit At 10% of minimum for business profit/retained earnings
    You should charge at least this much