with Steve Veltkamp, Founder of Bizshop.com

Have a great idea for an online store - or want to put your already existing business online? Want to know how to market and sell your products on the Internet, reaching millions of potential customers?

This information packed seminar with Steve Veltkamp, founder of the profitable Bizshop series of online sites, will tell you exactly how to get started, answer all your questions, and reveal:
- The advantages of Internet retailing
- How to get and keep your customer's attention
- How to price your product for maximum profits online
- How to accept credit cards, checks and other forms of payment on the Web
- What really works on the Internet - and what doesn't
- How to design your Website to make things easy for your customers to buy
- Shopping cart systems and online purchasing
- How to form mutually advantageous online alliances
- How to drive traffic to your online store
- Keys to growing your online business

This class is a gold mine of tips to get your Internet business up and profitable.