You've heard about all the advantages to getting your life, your work and your space organized. You make resolutions to finally get everything in its proper place. Yet, the "mess" continues to defy any of your attempts to clean up. The problem is not you - the problem is that most of the ways we are told to organize were designed by organizing nuts. Their minds are methodical, and organizing comes naturally to them. Your mind simply won't work that way! They tell you to file, your mind wants to pile. They tell you to throw almost everything away, you want to keep everything. Instead, learn how to take control of the mess. Learn techniques that are ideally suited for those who hate filing, who can't keep one of those fancy organizer notebooks organized. Let's face it, you hate spending time on this organizing stuff. Your workspace will look better, and you'll be more efficient without turning into one of those 'wound too tight' types.